Two decades of History

Thomriss was founded in 1990 in the city of Lençóis Paulista, 280 kilometers from São Paulo/SP.

A Brazilian company that manufactures plastic packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and for which it became reference in the nail polish packaging market in Brazil.

In 2014, the entire management and manufacturing area was transferred to a new plant.
A larger and more modern facility that has 16,000 m2 of built-up area. Positive-pressure and high-level isolation rooms were designed according to a cleanroom philosophy; access to production areas through antechambers.


Provide packaging solutions with cutting-edge technology and design, in a thorough and integrated way, with social responsibility and respect for the environment.


Being among the main packaging companies in the world and being a reference for adding value to our customers' products.


Commitment, cooperation, determination, moral responsibility, innovation, respect and sustainability.

Global Market

Always ready to overcome challenges and grow with
confidence and stability, Thomriss has expanded its scope
of action and today serves several countries in the Americas.

Sustainability initiatives

Thomriss is a signatory company of the Sector Agreement for Reverse Logistics together with the Ministry of Environment in Brazil. 100% of the industrial waste generated under the production process is recycled to reduce environmental impacts. Residues that cannot be recycled internally such as cardboard boxes or bristles scrap are given for local organizations to raise funds from their recycling.