Our know-how and ongoing R&D investments make Thomriss an innovative company prepared to achieve the market demands with expertise, the highest quality and state of the art technology.


Packaging produced through thermoplastic injection molding in a large plant equipped with state of the art injection machines.

Mold Manufacturing

New product design services, three-dimensional product design, mold design, development, construction, machining and assembly of molds for thermoplastics injection. Our team has the best technology and expertise to enable the creation of unique designs perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs with competitiveness and high technology.

Brush Production

We manufacture the best nail polish brushes available in the southern hemisphere. We manufacture mascara brushes with high technology and in-house process.

Assembly and Coupling

Assembly and coupling processes of different components in large-scale production. We guarantee the volumes ordered with excellent production flexibility, stable and reliable processes.

Soft Spin ® Lipstick Mechanism

• High tech mechanism on Full Size, Slim Line and Trim Line shapes;
• Either metallic or plastic gloves can be used according to our customers’ needs.


Hot stamping, silkscreen and heat transfer decoration process with automated production.

Injection Blow Molding (IBM, ISBM)

Bottles made using expanded air in previously injected pre-forms against cavities on high-tech molds.